Wooly Bully

April 3, 1965: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs’ Wooly Bully is released!

day 361

There are a lot of cute stories about Wooly Bully on its wikipedia page.  One in particular, that the Pharaohs wanted to write a tribute to the Hully Gully dance, but the record department’s legal department was concerned because there was another similarly titled song (hey, didn’t they know you can’t copyright a title?) so anyway, they wrote Wooly Bully instead!

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.  That is a great name for a band.

Running out.  I’m at the Groove with the Stingers tonight and I gotta load the car!  more tomorrow…

Hooked On A Feeling

November 16, 1968 B.J. Thomas’ Hooked On A Feeling is released!

day 223

I remember singing Hooked on a Feeling in the car when I was a young teen.  I had amazing valet service when I was a kid.  My uncle Bill, who lived with us, drove me and my friends anywhere we wanted to go and he would always have candy in the car and we would go to Coney Island and he would give all of us money and then drive each friend home to their door. He was the man!

Well, I had Elle Winter over today.  We worked on a Christmas song for a parade she’s appearing in on Sunday. Tonight the results of last week’s voting came out so before she left I gave her the talk — it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you are so talented and we will go to the next project, don’t worry, I believe in you —  and I meant it all, but SHE GOT INTO THE FINALS!! Yeah! I’m really glad and really excited!

So, thank you all my friends who voted for her. The big final round of voting is in 2 weeks and I will keep you posted!

here ya go.  Today in Music.  Hooked on a Feeling!  If you have a minute, go find the original and listen to it again.  Great voice on B.J. Thomas!


Try a Little Tenderness

August 2, 1962: Aretha Franklin makes her tv debut on American Bandstand singing Try a Little Tenderness and Don’t Cry Baby.

still in L.A.

What can I say? Hands down the greatest singer ever! Queen of Soul. I have worn out every Aretha song possible. Let’s start with that 10 minute version of Amazing Grace. That’s a master class for any singer wanting to understand soul, tone, riffing, honesty and pure talent. There isn’t a gig I do that I don’t play an Aretha tune. Chain of Fools is one of my favorites.

In Beehive we had Dueling Arethas – Pattie Darcy sang Natural Woman and Cookie Watkins sang Do Right Woman. Claudia did the arrangement. It was probably the biggest moment in our show. Standing ovations every night. Check out a video of it here.

Try a Little Tenderness, another great song, is a big moment in the Stingers Band set list, especially when C.E. Smith sings it. The girls go crazy for this one.

More tomorrow.



A Hard Day’s Night

July 13, 1964 the Beatles tune A Hard Day’s Night is released!


It’s Friday the 13th.

I’m not the scary movie kind of guy and I still have nightmares from the first Final Destination movie. Scariest movie ever.

Hard to believe that A Hard Day’s Night was released almost 50 years ago.  I’m trying to remember the movie — all I can remember is that it was black and white and that it was hilarious.  I should find it and watch it again.  It’s been a while.

Gotta cut this short tonight, but I’ll be back again tomorrow!  Today is Day #98 of this blog.  Hard to believe that also!


Chapel of Love

June 6, 1964 The Dixie Cups’ Chapel of Love hits #1!

chapel of love

I have used this song in so many shows but the one that sticks out for me is Those Were The Days, a show Sam Ellis and Doug Gray produced for Holland America. We had all these girls come out in veils and Jennifer Houston sang lead.

Jen & I have always kept in touch. She’s a great singer/songwriter and she also has an amazing cookie company This Chick Bakes.  She caters all the desserts for our parties. She made me and Claudia a towering strawberry shortcake for our anniversary last year.

Our anniversary is coming up on June 24th!  28 years since we went to the Chapel of Love.  We actually drove by the chuch we got married in yesterday (Sacred Heart in Dobbs Ferry).

I remember we had a string quartet and I had to ask them to play an extra half hour because Claudia forgot the marriage license. Mike, my father-in law, ran home in the limo to get it. It all worked out.

It poured later on for the reception but we were indoors and had big buses for everyone back to the city so they didn’t have to drive.

It was a perfect day.