A Foggy Day

March 27, 1924 Happy Birthday Sarah Vaughan!

Married and Counting

I was really glad to find a song I already knew for Sarah Vaughan’s birthday though it wasn’t hard because she has recorded so many tunes!  Hey I even knew the lyrics for A Foggy Day and didnt need a cheat sheet!

I spent most of today recording Willie & the Swagga vocals.  I’m getting very close to being done with this album!!!!  And I’ve been writing up a storm and can’t wait to share the new stuff also.

Speaking of sharing, we recently wrote a song for the wonderful film Married and Counting which is having a run at the Quad starting April 26 in NYC.  Actually, check out their website because it’s in other cities too if you’re not local.  So Claudia and I wrote a song called Hubba Hubba for the film and justjohn produced it and Jennifer Houston sang it and FINALLY we got it up on cdbaby – it will be on itunes shortly maybe even by now it is.  So check out the film.  We’ll be going on April 26 – the director and the stars will be on hand and this is one that you do not want to miss.  It’s narrated by George Takei.  you know you love him, too!

Here’s the link to Hubba Hubba.  Go on and buy a copy.  It’s only 99 cents.  Jen’s great!

And happy birthday ms. SV.  Here’s A Foggy Day for you!  And, today is also my mommy’s birthday.  She is 90 and having a big party in Berkeley, CA right now and another party this weekend in Vegas and I will see her in a couple of weeks for her big party here in New York, thanks to the planning and organization of my cousins who are the best in the world!

What Is This Thing Called Love

March 24, 1945 The King Cole Trio is at #1 in the first Billboard Album chart!

day 351

I’ve mentioned before that Nat Cole was a great jazz pianist first before he was known as the great singer.  What Is This Thing Called Love is a Cole Porter song he recorded with his jazz trio in 1945.  So many of Cole Porter’s songs written for shows became jazz standards.  What Is This Thing Called Love is from the musical Wake Up and Dream. When I was playing jazz in college i had no idea all these tunes were show tunes.  I was even surprised to find out these tunes had words!

Claudia and I took another long walk today in Inwood Park.  It’s wild to think that there are rocks there that are 450 million years old. Claudia knows all things New York so it’s like having a tour guide with you.

Tomorrow I have 2 gigs back to back. 7-9 Songwriters Circle at the Red Lion and then 9-12 with the Stingers at the Groove.

I might be getting too old for this!

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

March 9, 1932 Happy Birthday Keely Smith!

day 336

Heading to Philly this afternoon for the National Kidney Foundation 29th Annual Ball.  And it just so happens that today’s song, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, recorded by Keely Smith and Louis Prima in the late 50’s (or early 60’s?) is being performed tonight by Bobby Rydell and we’ll be backing him on it and other tunes!

I do love singing these old standards!

Happy Birthday KS!  Would love to play for you some day!


On The Sunny Side Of The Street

February 28, 1930 Ted Lewis is recording On the Sunny Side of the Street!

day 327

All right, I just cleaned the kitchen, recorded this song, tried to find Dylan’s keys for this house and was getting frantic about packing for the Poconos and Claudia just said let’s not go and I said thank god!  Not that I don’t want to be in the Poconos but sometimes getting out of the house is too much. I’m getting too old to just pick up and go, so here i sit, very comfortable on my couch!

I use On The Sunny Side of the Street in my jazz repertoire but the original melody has a lot of notes and now I’m getting too old to sing a lot of notes so I reduced  the melody a little so as to not tax my brain.

Cause I’m getting too old to tax my brain, cause if i tax my brain i have to nap.

Good night!

Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

February 17, 1892  Happy Birthday songwriter James F. Hanley!

day 316

Happy Birthday Claudia Brevis my wife of 28, almost 29 years.  She is without a doubt the greatest wife and mother known to mankind.  All right, well at least to the 3 men in her life.

Claudia has always been a Cat loving person. And since our last cat Maria died a few months ago Claudia said no more cats. It’s too emotional for her when they are gone. So in the past few days I’ve been talking it over with Dylan who insists I get her a cat because he feels since Maria died he has become 1st cat around the house and its too much pressure on him! Claudia seems to be coddling and petting him way too much.

So I’ve been trying to get a nice birthday surprise for Claudia (a nice rescue cat who needs a home) but all these places won’t just give me a cat!! They have to check me out, check my references, talk to my last veterinarian, come to my house!

Jeez! Can’t i just get a freakin  cat who needs a home? I got so intimidated at the rescue shelter with the 3rd degree. I thought they were gonna pull out a lie detector– especially since i was lying with some answers!

Like, “What kind of food did you feed your last cat?” Dylan answered, “Dry food.”  The lady shook her head no-no-no only wet food.  Ooops.

OK, since Claudia is going to read this and we couldn’t pull off the cat thing I just wanna say to my wife SURPRISE!!  We are going to go get a cat together!

Claudia – you zing the strings of my heart every day!!