Teach Your Children

March 11, 1970, Deja Vu, the first album by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is released!

day 338

I used to sing Teach Your Children in high school.  In my school, Nazareth, in the 70’s, I was sort of in a hippie clique and CSNY was our jam! We overlistened to this album and I had the big stereo and would blast it.  The louder the better!

Claudia and i had a great day writing.  I worked on a song all day and she worked on her novel!

I also worked with Elle Winter – she’s performing at a fundraiser for St. Baldricks tomorrow at the Red Lion.  Come on down and catch her set starting at 8pm and stick around for a full night of music and head shaving for charity! I won’t be shaving my head but maybe i can get a trim?  Tuesday, March 12 at the Red Lion, 151 Bleecker Street.  No cover.  Donations at the door!

And now its popcorn and tv time!

Ramblin’ Man

December 7, 1947 Happy Birthday Greg Allman!

day 244

The Allman Brothers were the 1st blues I fell in love with.  When I got older I realized that the blues have a much deeper history and I studied where they came from, but as a young teen this was the blues i played and listened to.

Greg Allman always played the B3 organ which was my love although i never owned a B3. I played my old Farfisa organ through a Leslie (which is a huge wooden organ amp, for those not familiar) and it weighed around 200 pounds.  It needed 2 or 3 guys and a good dolly to carry around. My buddy Craig Dreyer (check out his studio, Mighty Toad, in Brooklyn) still schleps one around with him and it sounds great!

Well tonight I gigged at the Maritime College with their choir and orchestra and the kids sounded fierce!  Love going to their campus in Throgs Neck, right on the water under the bridge.  It’s one of my favorite views.

Tomorrow is a day off. Thank god. I am going relax and watch some t.v. and nap!

Today was Pearl Harbor day, so here’s a shout out to all veterans of WWII, like my mom!

And it’s Greg Allman’s birthday.

Here’s Ramblin’ Man for today in music!  more tomorrow.



Come Together

November 29, 1969 The Beatles’ Come Together hits #1.

day 236

Come Together is one of the funkiest Beatles songs in my opinion!

This song came out in ’69 but I remember listening to it a couple of years later and all through high school – Nazareth Catholic High School for Boys.  It sounds strict but this was a loosey goosey parochial school taught by young dudes right out of college. There were some hard nose brothers but generally it was fun, loose and a great time with great friends. I’m not sure if I learned anything, but the memories are the best!

They closed the school a couple of years ago but I still get Nazareth alumni notices that I don’t pay attention to. Luckily, Facebook has brought a few of us back in touch.

More tomorrow!



November 19, 1976 Van Morrison’s Moondance album is certified gold!


While I was a senior in high school I started freelancing and I was in some different rock bands that were playing colleges. College mixers were big gigs. In high school we partied a lot but these college parties were off the chain.

So I’m playing at this big mixer at the University of Bridgeport. There were multiple kegs of beer and 5 or 6 big bowls of punch and the whole placed reeked of reefer. I had some punch.  It tasted good so I had some more.  I started feeling a little strange but all was good.

We went onstage and the only thing I remember from that night was that we jammed on Moondance for a 1/2 hour.  You could get away with that in those days, and I remember taking a solo and I started very low on the keyboard and worked my way up to the middle of the keyboard then I went higher and higher.  The keyboard had only so many notes but my solo needed to go higher so my fingers went off to the right of the keyboard, and I was playing in the air but I heard the notes go higher right where they should have been. People looking at me were like WTF and I was like, Yeah you hear it too, you know you do!

What a trip!



Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

November 7, 1970 Chicago releases Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is!

day 214

I’ve talked before about my high school band TIGHT with Kenny Kirkland and Angel Fernandez.  Well, we covered all Chicago’s songs and Kenny Kirkland would teach me all my piano parts and he would write out all the horn parts. He was a genius musician.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is has an intricate intro that I was too lazy to play.

Actually, I don’t really like the intro that much.

Actually, I don’t really know the intro. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it.  But I love the song.

We’re having a Nor’easter here in NY. It’s exhausting.

I know what time it is. 8 o’clock. Time to watch TV.

I know what time it is.  Time for popcorn.

I know what time it is. It’s Obama time!