Blue Skies

January 9, 1990 Willie Nelson’s Stardust album is certified quadruple-platinum!

day 277

I love Willie Nelson singing standards. He sings so relaxed!

I was watching an old documentary on gospel music called Say Amen, Somebody about two of gospel music’s pioneers, Thomas A. Dorsey and Willie May Ford Smith, and in one part she’s giving a group voice lesson and says, “Don’t sing high class. Just tell the story!”

I love that.  No need to get fancy. Just tell the story.

Willie Nelson does just that. I can listen to anything he sings and I’m going to try to remember that when i play tonight at the Red Lion!

Here is, from his Stardust album, the standard Blue Skies.

more tomorrow!


There Will Never Be Another You

December 23, 1929 Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

day 260

Chet Baker was always known as a great trumpet player then he started singing and There Will Never Be Another You is the song he is best known for as a singer! He had this quiet relaxed voice that swung so hard.

It seemed so easy but it takes great disipline to play simple and swing hard without being loud. I’m still practicing. It’s not easy.

Today was the pre-Christmas food shopping day. A little Costco, Target,and Fairway and then naptime.

The New York football teams are letting us down, but I still like watching all the other teams.  They are like gladiators going into battle. Great atheletes are always fun to watch!

Anyway, I still come back to Chet Baker when I want to hear nice relaxing jazz. I’m a little too old for the frantic stuff!


I’ve Got A Crush On You

October 24, 1960 Frank Sinatra’s album Nice ‘N’ Easy hits #1!

i'm so tired i can't see

Spent the day working with some of the best and fiercest singers and musicians in the city.  Great day, great work, lots of it and I got nothing left!

I’m pretty ragged voiced in today’s video.  I looked through the songs on the Nice ‘n’ Easy album that hit #1 today and picked I’ve Got a Crush on You to do, but pretty much every song on that album is a winner!

Got a little more work to do right now and then it’s collapse time.

more tomorrow!



I Got Rhythm

October 14, 1930 Ethel Merman becomes a star overnight with her rendition of I Got Rhythm featured in the new Broadway hit Girl Crazy. (via

day 191

The chords to I Got Rhythm are known as rhythm changes and many a jazz song is fashioned after them! And speaking of Gershwin, who wrote this song, Claudia and I went to Feinstein’s (the nightclub) to see Bette Sussman and Elaine Caswell do their show!  They sounded great and in the audience was Michael Feinstein (who was Gershwin’s rehearsal pianist) and Liza Minelli. Valerie Simpson was there and Ronnie Spector sat in. Bette and Elaine have played and sang for so many acts they finally decided to do their own thing, and they should — so freaking talented both of them!  

Well, the Yankees lost 2 playoff games in a row so I’m a little sad but life will go on and after Baseball, it’s football season!

Tomorrow I have to finish arrangements for the big MMRF gala so  we can go away to the Poconos for a few days!

Here ya go for today in music.  I Got Rhythm!

Body and Soul

October 11, 1939 Coleman Hawkins was recording Body and Soul.  (via



My Body and Soul are frozen right now cause the Yankees and the Orioles are tied in the 9th!

I was gigging tonight — solo piano and singing some tunes at a beautiful private event on Park Avenue —  and I finished early and was thrilled to get home to watch the game!

So this is a nice jazz song that I like to sing and Coleman Hawkins was a great sax guy — check out a youtube of his recording of Body and Soul — but the Yankees are on and I gotta go!

Bye y’all!

Body and Soul!