Killing Me Softly With His Song

February 24 1973 : Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly With His Song hits #1!


I have always loved Killing Me Softly and for years I tried to get young singers I was working with to learn it, to sing it…and I don’t know if they thought it was too difficult, or dated, or I don’t know what but it wasn’t until the Fugees covered it that i started having success selling it!

Singers take note.  It’s a great song to learn and sing.

Well, we’re in PA still and we went to church this morning.  Nice service kind of hippy dippy but we enjoyed it. One weird thing, the paraded all the kids out and then brought them back in at the end.  I dont know maybe they had their own service down the hall.

It’s snowing a little it.  We had homemade pizza for dinner.  My wife is the best.  And now we’re in the parking lot borrowing wifi from the deli up the road.  well, they advertise free wifi.  Does it matter that they are currently closed?  I’m not sure. it shouldn’t!!!

I’m nearing the end of this year long project.  Today is the 323rd day of videos and my plan is for a year.  It’s lookin like April 6 will be the last in this series.

I have some ideas for continuing the blog but still thinking about it.

Here’s today in music’s video, Killing Me Softly With His Song – another one I recorded at home before we came to the country.



Lay, Lady, Lay

February 20, 1969 Bob Dylan is recording Lay, Lady, Lay!

day 319

Bob Dylan is one of the great songwriters of our time but these lyrics  – lay across my big brass bed – are a little gross. Who has a brass bed anyway? 

I am possibly the worst fix-it man in the world.  Once something breaks in our house it stays broke. Casey made us aware of this and it’s true. Our dishwasher broke years ago so we just washed dishes by hand from then on and years later had it removed and had the super put in another cabinet. The boys’ bedroom window and the door to their room. The toilet paper holder was down for 6 months before my father-in law Mike just couldn’t take it anymore and fixed it himself! My fence in the backyard a year and a half down. My rear passenger car door 4 months. The list goes on and on.

And now my freaking living room TV is down. This is an EMERGENCY and has to get fixed tomorrow! Oh, also i have 4 keys dead on my gigging keyboard,2 years now,oh yeah one of the legs on my weber BBQ is bent up-3 years!

My brain has been screwed up since birth and that is probably the one thing that I do consistently try to fix.  Not always successful, but always trying.  I think that’s why I don’t have the time or focus to fix the other stuff.  Priorities.

Well, time to go lay across my big not brass bed and watch some bedroom tv with my wife. (cause the living room tv is broken, remember?)

Lay, Lady, Lay!


What’d I Say

February 18, 1959: Ray Charles was recording What’d I Say!

day 317

I love that this song, What’d I Say, Ray Charles’ biggest hit, was just a jam he created on the spot to fill up the last 10 minutes of a 4 hour gig!  I learned this from reading my friend Frank Beacham‘s facebook page today!  Check Frank out and follow him.  He’s always got interesting music and other historic news of the day going on!

Well, I have had some good extended jams to fill up gigs but usually they’re instrumental.  From now on when I do an extended jam I’m gonna improvise some words and see if i can come up with a hit song!

We just had a nice dinner at Italian Village on 1st ave – my favorite — with our good buddy and partner in crime, director/choreographer John Carrafa.  Lots to catch up on and plans to be made!  I had linguini and white clam sauce. Very tasty although I might have had too much bread.  That’s my downfall. I’m a bread addict!

I love everything Ray Charles sings, especially What I’d Say!

more tomorrow.

Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

February 17, 1892  Happy Birthday songwriter James F. Hanley!

day 316

Happy Birthday Claudia Brevis my wife of 28, almost 29 years.  She is without a doubt the greatest wife and mother known to mankind.  All right, well at least to the 3 men in her life.

Claudia has always been a Cat loving person. And since our last cat Maria died a few months ago Claudia said no more cats. It’s too emotional for her when they are gone. So in the past few days I’ve been talking it over with Dylan who insists I get her a cat because he feels since Maria died he has become 1st cat around the house and its too much pressure on him! Claudia seems to be coddling and petting him way too much.

So I’ve been trying to get a nice birthday surprise for Claudia (a nice rescue cat who needs a home) but all these places won’t just give me a cat!! They have to check me out, check my references, talk to my last veterinarian, come to my house!

Jeez! Can’t i just get a freakin  cat who needs a home? I got so intimidated at the rescue shelter with the 3rd degree. I thought they were gonna pull out a lie detector– especially since i was lying with some answers!

Like, “What kind of food did you feed your last cat?” Dylan answered, “Dry food.”  The lady shook her head no-no-no only wet food.  Ooops.

OK, since Claudia is going to read this and we couldn’t pull off the cat thing I just wanna say to my wife SURPRISE!!  We are going to go get a cat together!

Claudia – you zing the strings of my heart every day!!

How Great Thou Art

February 16, 1968: Elvis Presley’s album How Great Thou Art is certified gold!

day 315

How Great Thou Art is my mom’s favorite gospel song and she wants it sung at her funeral.  She has Casey sing it at everybody else’s funeral.  Casey does sing it beautifully but then again he sings everything beautifully.

Thankfully today there was no funeral and I sang it just for fun and joy.

Speaking of fun, Claudia and I went to the Bronx Zoo today. We’re members. It’s such an amazing deal. $104 a year for all the zoos – Bronx, Central Park, Brooklyn + the Aquarium and Queens and parking is included. Today would’ve cost $60, so you do the math.  Plus we got 10% off in the Crane Cafe.  So, with two granola bars and coffee…we saved 63 cents more!!

I wanted to see big animals, so we checked out the Bison – they smelled funky even at a distance but looked majestic.  We saw the giraffes.  They were indoors and looked a little jammed up but pretty impressive. The tigers were magnificent. 3 of them walking back and forth looked like they were thinking of something, maybe like how to get the hell out of their grassland and come eat some stupid human behind the glass taking pictures. The aardvark was cool – huge and in the dark, and the rhino’s horn was fierce.

How Great Thou Art. God’s creatures. I love me some critters!