March 19, 2010 The Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett collaborate on “Margaritaville,” and other songs as a new episode of “CMT Crossroads” premieres! (via

Sorry, gotta run out today!  On my way to the Red Lion….just barely time to get this in!  More tomorrow!


March 5, 1963 Patsy Cline dies in an airplane crash in Tennessee.

day 332

My mom loves Crazy.  We’ll have to play this for her at her 90th birthday party.

Yes, we are gearing up for her big return to NY and on April 21 we will celebrate!  She’s spending her real birthday, March 27th, in Vegas. She is really at home in that town. I’m surprised we never moved there as kids. We got that gambling gene in the family and as i was growing up there was so much talk about Vegas i imagined it was the holy land.

A lot of songs have been named Crazy but this is the most famous one, written by Willie Nelson, a Patsy Cline classic.

I’ll be at the Red Lion tomorrow night, Wed the 6th from 7-10pm.  Doing Skip Brevis Band, and I’ll be doing some Willie & the Swagga material.  Come on by and check it out if you’re local.  We always have a good time on Bleecker Street!  It gets CRAZY!

I Saw The Light

January 26, 1947 Hank Williams, Sr. writes I Saw the Light!

day 294

Yesterday ‘s song, Jesus Take The Wheel was a contemporary pop God song and today’s song, I Saw The Light, is an old country God song.

Is someone trying to get me to pay attention?

Well it’s working. Claudia and I are going to the Brooklyn Tabernacle tomorrow.  I have a friend in the choir and the service there is so good! And the choir is too!  You have to get there really early for a good seat and since the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir played at Obama’s Inauguration, I’m sure it will be even more packed than usual!

I love Hank Williams songs and old country songs that tell you the whole story in just a few lines, have a melody you can sing back after one hearing and that can be harmonized from beginning to end. Simple and Perfect!

Jesus Take The Wheel

January 25, 2006: Carrie Underwood collects a gold award for her single Jesus, Take The Wheel.  (via

day 293

I love this song, Jesus Take The Wheel!

You know there are no atheists in foxholes, and so many times I’ve been behind the wheel and said God get me and my family home and he’s gotten me home.

I am very thankful to have what I have and be where I am! Getting a little more spiritual as I get older.

By the way I just drove through heavy snow and got to the gig safely.

Thank god.

Good tune.

Ring Of Fire

January 11, 1964: Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire becomes the first country album to top the U.S. pop album chart.

day 279

Just a brief entry again today.  We’re still in PA, eating up a storm.  Healthy amazing food and heading to bed in a minute so we can get up early and get more writing and work done!

Quick plug for my son: Be sure to tune in tomorrow  (Saturday 1/12) to Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion – you can find the times of the show for your state on the website.  Casey will be on with Chanticleer and from what he said about the rehearsals it should be a great show!

Here’s Ring of Fire!  Hope you’re all having as great a day as I am.  more tomorrow!