Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

December 11, 1944 Happy Birthday Brenda Lee!

need a tree


Wish I had more time today, but between chorus in the morning, running around in the afternoon and our Stingers party tonight, I am at the zero hour and gotta hit the road!

Here’s a little Christmas cheer.  We had a Brenda Lee section in Beehive and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree was always a great number!

more tomorrow!

The Name Game

November 12, 1964 Shirley Ellis was recording The Name Game!


The Name Game was our opening number in BEEHIVE.  Adriane Lenox — and then later we had Carol Maillard — sang this and both of them sounded great doing it.  2 of the other Beehive girls would go out and ask audience members their names and make them sing it Name Game style. Of course some wise guy would always say his name was CHUCK.  Get it?  

Today is Veteran’s Day and I want to thank all our veterans (including my mom) and all the men and women serving today! I am very thankful that we have you heroes.

I wouldn’t make it 2 days in boot camp, but I could lead a marching band. Well, if they didn’t march too much.

Anyway, happy Veterans Day and here’s The Name Game!  I’m Skip skip bo bip, banana fanna…


Amazing Grace

October 26, 1911 Happy Birthday Mahalia Jackson!

ice bucket

I love gospel singers and Mahalia Jackson was the original Queen of Gospel!

Well it just so happens we flew Cookie Watkins in from Vegas to sing at this Clive Davis tribute show for MMRF tomorrow night. Cookie sang with the Stingers for years and was in Beehive playing Tina Turner which she has continued in the show Legends and in her own show all over the world.

I’m thrilled she took a few minutes after a backstage rehearsal at the venue to sing Amazing Grace tonight with the wonderful singer Stanley Hopkins. I’m having Cookie sing Janis Joplin tomorrow night in our show and it will be amazing.

Rehearsal starts at 11, so I’m going to bed.

Amazing Grace!  Coming to you from Old Greenwich, CT!

To Sir With Love

September 4, 1967 Lulu’s To Sir With Love was released.

day 151

This is a beautiful song and I remember it from the movie which was great. Lulu’s voice had such grit to it.  Love it!  We used this song in Beehive in a section called the British Invasion.  Laura Theodore sang it in between Downtown and You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.  It amazes me how many  great, soulful singers came from the U.K. In the 60’s you had Lulu and Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark and more recently Adele and Amy Winehouse and Jessie J.  You can tell they were listening to soul music growing up.  I can listen to anything this Jessie J sings!

Just got back from another Elle Winter gig.  She is doing this Music is Medicine concert series in hospitals and we played at the Ronald McDonald House and it felt great to get all these kids with various illnesses up and singing and dancin! I worked them into a frenzy. All the parents and staff were like, oh great now we got to get them to bed after you hyped them all up, but everyone was happy.

Elle was great with the kids!  What a pro!

Nice feeling!

Here’s today’s video, To Sir With Love!  More tomorrow…

My Boyfriend’s Back

August 31,1963 girl group The Angels started a three week run at #1 on the US singles chart with My Boyfriend’s Back!


My Boyfriend’s Back opened the Girl Groups section in Beehive.

There was a period when all I was doing was putting together girl group medleys. The Shirelles, The Ronettes, The Shangr-Las, The Supremes — and Claudia and I had some killer arrangements.  We’ve had a bunch of calls recently about doing Beehive again – we’ll see if it all works out!  What I love about this song and this whole period is the claps. They start the song, and if you see footage of these girl groups the claps were part of the choreography. Also this song starts off with a little rap which is kind of cool. And not so much in this song, but in lots of the others, the background parts were like shoobie do do wap do wa –  which I think is pretty damn funky!

Kind of under the weather today so just lazily laying around with the wife eating too many pretzels and chips waiting for the Yankee game to start.

Everybody have a good holiday weekend!