Can’t Buy Me Love

March 16, 1964  Advance sales of Can’t Buy Me Love (over 2-million) set a U.S. record. (via

day 343

There were a lot of good songs to pick from today, but I haven’t done a Beatles tune in a while and Can’t Buy Me Love is a classic.

So, i was all set for spring and was thinking about how we were going to get our air conditioner back in the window and planning our big back yard clean up (yes we still have hurricane Sandy branches back there) but then..

It snowed today.


Anyway, I’m off to a gig now and Claudia is telling me to put my hood on and that my gloves are in the car.

Can it please be spring already?

more tomorrow!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

February 25, 1943 Happy Birthday George Harrison!


I really have an appreciation for guitar players now.  After trying to play guitar all week and these damn callouses on my fingers, my fingers are the ones weeping, and the guitar is  saying to me please stop playing me and go back to piano.

Just came back from Ann Ruckert’s Songwriters Circle.  I forgot tonight was the last Monday of the month and I had planned a rehearsal, so i brought the rehearsal to the the gig – Amy Pinnella and Jen Houston came to sing backup for me.  I think we sounded great if I do say so myself. We’re doing a Willie & the Swagga set this Wednesday 2/27 a 7pm at the Red Lion. I promise i wont play guitar!

Happy Birthday GH!


Lady Madonna

February 3, 1968: The Beatles are recording Lady Madonna!


Always happy to sing a Beatles tune.  And I love Lady Madonna.  It sort of got a Motown thing to it.

I had to wait for the Superbowl to end before I could record.  My team lost but I’m not going to take it personally since neither team was from NY, but all in all it was a great football season with great rookie players who turned out to be gladiators!

Claudia made fresh pizza from scratch with an anchovy infused dough/crust and she made some guacamole to dip the crusts in. Then we ate pistachio nuts and now popcorn and we splurged on Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches!

I thought Beyonce was incredible. She’s got it all – from her voice to her dancing to her gorgeous looks to her songs! I liked she had an all girl band that kicked ass. Great spectacle!!!




Day Tripper

January 3, 1966: The Beatles appear on NBC’s Hullabaloo! in a taped performance of Day Tripper and We Can Work It Out. (via

day 271

It seems that every day in the 60’s the Beatles were either recording or performing somewhere. Didn’t they ever nap?

Day Tripper and We Can Work it Out are definitely 2 of the funkiest songs the Beatles got.

Day Tripper, which I did today, is actually a blues. It has a couple different chords but it’s still a blues!

Well, we’re heading out to the airport in a few to pick up Casey.  He’s flying in from San Fran, just to spend some family time! Will be recording him singing a bunch of stuff while his mother will be stuffing him with delicious food and drowning him with hugs. Hope he’s ready!


I Saw Her Standing There

December 26, 1963: The Beatles’ I Saw Her Standing There is released in the United States.

day 263

I Saw Her Standing There is a bar room classic and one of the first Beatles songs I ever sang along to as a kid.

I watched some of the 2001 NYC concert with Paul McCartney last night on Showtime. Best part of the concert was watching him in the green room hanging out talking to all his old friends.  And of course once he was onstage he rocked it.

Tomorrow we are heading out for a few days in the Poconos.  A little fireplace, some light eating and it sounds like we’re gonna have some snow.  Looking forward to a reboot before the New Year!

more tomorrow!