Chain of Fools

March 25, 1942 Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!

day 352

There isn’t anything I can say about Aretha Franklin that hasn’t been said before, so I will just wish the Queen of Soul the happiest of birthdays and bow down to her!  So much material to choose from, and I picked her Chain of Fools to commemorate the day.

When Casey graduated Yale, Ms. Franklin received an honorary degree and we were lucky to be there and see it.  Have a picture someplace, but finding that probably won’t happen.  It was a beautiful weekend – President Clinton speaking, Aretha Franklin accepting her degree, and my son graduating!

ok, i’m in the middle of gigs here.  Just finished Red Lion and have run over to the Groove with the Stingers.  gotta get going.  Our set is starting any second.

Iko Iko

March 14, 2011 Dr. John is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


This is one of those days where i’m doing so many things my brain hurts.  Managed to get the video for today done in between sessions.  I love Dr. John and play his Iko Iko all the time so it was an easy day, nothing to learn.

And now i gots to get back to doing everything and nothing!

More tomorrow!

Living For The City

March 7, 1983, Stevie Wonder is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!


Got a busy weekend and have some preparing to do.  Saturday night the Stingers are playing in Philly at the Kidney Foundation Gala and we’ll be backing Bobby Rydell and Dweezil Zappa and I want to make sure all that music is in order and everyone is prepared including me.

It’s an important gig. Well all gigs are important, but this is a fundraiser and its an important cause!

One of my favorite, ok my absolute favorite special event to musical direct and play is the MMRF Gala and I played Living For The City with Michael McDonald for the Stevie tribute on that event and its one of my best musical memories!

I gots to run.  The television is calling my name.  Or maybe that is my wife.

Always On My Mind

February 23 1983 Always On My Mind wins three times during the 25th annual Grammy awards!

day 322

No wonder Always On My Mind won three Grammys.  Nobody sings a song more honestly than Willie Nelson.

Well, I’m in the Poconos with very slow internet, so I’m not going to fight it tonight! I’m actually in a parking lot trying to get better wifi than we’ve got at home.  Hope the cops don’t stop by and start asking questions.  Its dark and we look suspicious.  Glad I uploaded the video itself in the city before we left!

country life!

more tomorrow!

Jesus Take The Wheel

January 25, 2006: Carrie Underwood collects a gold award for her single Jesus, Take The Wheel.  (via

day 293

I love this song, Jesus Take The Wheel!

You know there are no atheists in foxholes, and so many times I’ve been behind the wheel and said God get me and my family home and he’s gotten me home.

I am very thankful to have what I have and be where I am! Getting a little more spiritual as I get older.

By the way I just drove through heavy snow and got to the gig safely.

Thank god.

Good tune.