Lovin’ You

April 5, 1975 Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ You hits #1!

day 363

Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Pete!

Minnie Ripperton sang so pretty and so high there was no way I could try to sing Lovin’ You the way she did and hit the notes she did.

I heard quite a bit of high notes today, auditioning about 50 sopranos for the Hello Dolly tour. My ears are still ringing from the heights.

On the other hand, its great to see so many talented women coming out and dressing to the nines for a 16 bar audition!  And now they’ll come back 3 more times for dance, call backs and  final callbacks.  Pros, every one of them.

Stingers are gigging up in the Bronx Botanical Gardens tomorrow night.  It should be a beautiful night for a wedding and I’m looking forward to it.  I love the Botanical Gardens and when we’re there I like to walk around and take in the sights.

How do you like my red jacket?  So far, during these past 363 days I’ve worn a different shirt in each video.  Yep.  Well today I decided to wear a jacket that’s hanging in our costume closet.  The multi-talented Jason Bowen wore it in our readings of Winner Take All before we brought the show to the Fringe Festival.  It was the Devil’s jacket.  I didn’t feel evil wearing it, though, just kind of red.

more tomorrow!

What Is This Thing Called Love

March 24, 1945 The King Cole Trio is at #1 in the first Billboard Album chart!

day 351

I’ve mentioned before that Nat Cole was a great jazz pianist first before he was known as the great singer.  What Is This Thing Called Love is a Cole Porter song he recorded with his jazz trio in 1945.  So many of Cole Porter’s songs written for shows became jazz standards.  What Is This Thing Called Love is from the musical Wake Up and Dream. When I was playing jazz in college i had no idea all these tunes were show tunes.  I was even surprised to find out these tunes had words!

Claudia and I took another long walk today in Inwood Park.  It’s wild to think that there are rocks there that are 450 million years old. Claudia knows all things New York so it’s like having a tour guide with you.

Tomorrow I have 2 gigs back to back. 7-9 Songwriters Circle at the Red Lion and then 9-12 with the Stingers at the Groove.

I might be getting too old for this!

Come Away With Me

March 2, 2003, Norah Jones started a four week run at #1 on the UK album chart with her debut album Come Away With Me! (via

day 329

Wow, when Come Away With Me came out everyone was blown away, pretty much because Norah Jones sang so easy and the arrangement was so sparse and relaxing. Her guitar player/producer was brilliant and mixed it like she’s whispering in your ear. I loved the whole album!! This started a whole slew of female singer/songwriters doing these kind of underproduced light songs which do very well placed for emotional moments on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hil.

Hard for me to sing real soft. I tend to blow out a microphone and it would be like me screaming in your ear instead of whispering.

But, I gave it a shot!

Come Away With Me!


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

February 25, 1943 Happy Birthday George Harrison!


I really have an appreciation for guitar players now.  After trying to play guitar all week and these damn callouses on my fingers, my fingers are the ones weeping, and the guitar is  saying to me please stop playing me and go back to piano.

Just came back from Ann Ruckert’s Songwriters Circle.  I forgot tonight was the last Monday of the month and I had planned a rehearsal, so i brought the rehearsal to the the gig – Amy Pinnella and Jen Houston came to sing backup for me.  I think we sounded great if I do say so myself. We’re doing a Willie & the Swagga set this Wednesday 2/27 a 7pm at the Red Lion. I promise i wont play guitar!

Happy Birthday GH!


Killing Me Softly With His Song

February 24 1973 : Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly With His Song hits #1!


I have always loved Killing Me Softly and for years I tried to get young singers I was working with to learn it, to sing it…and I don’t know if they thought it was too difficult, or dated, or I don’t know what but it wasn’t until the Fugees covered it that i started having success selling it!

Singers take note.  It’s a great song to learn and sing.

Well, we’re in PA still and we went to church this morning.  Nice service kind of hippy dippy but we enjoyed it. One weird thing, the paraded all the kids out and then brought them back in at the end.  I dont know maybe they had their own service down the hall.

It’s snowing a little it.  We had homemade pizza for dinner.  My wife is the best.  And now we’re in the parking lot borrowing wifi from the deli up the road.  well, they advertise free wifi.  Does it matter that they are currently closed?  I’m not sure. it shouldn’t!!!

I’m nearing the end of this year long project.  Today is the 323rd day of videos and my plan is for a year.  It’s lookin like April 6 will be the last in this series.

I have some ideas for continuing the blog but still thinking about it.

Here’s today in music’s video, Killing Me Softly With His Song – another one I recorded at home before we came to the country.