California Girls / California Gurls

July 24, 1965 The Beach Boys’ California Girls is released!

california girl

Just so happens Claudia and I are heading to L.A. on Monday.  My fan-tastic friend Elle Winter is doing her Disney NBT thang so we’ll be there to cheer her on.  I’m counting on all of you to vote for her whenever the voting starts — I’ll be sure to remind you!

Hopefully we’ll get to see our west coast friends while we’re there.  I’m not really the L.A. type — I am so New York — but a visit will be fun!

My mother Joan, a true New Yorker, has moved to Berkeley, CA and has become a  California Girl. Gotta love it! My cousins Maureen and Jean and her daughter Megan have been California girls for years and Claudia’s good friend Mandy is out there. Hope to see them all.

This Beach Boy song was the first song I ever learned on guitar but my guitar chops are not doing so well lately.  Hate getting calluses on my fingers — I  know, I’m such a girl — but hey, not a California Girl.

East Coast girls are hip!


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