Bring It On Home to Me

July 20. 1987, Paul McCartney is recording, along with other songs, Bring It On Home to Me!  (via

brought him on home!

This is my jam!

Bring It On Home to Me is a blues. Sam Cooke originated it but it has been covered many times. I like Paul’s version, but then again I like anything Paul McCartney sings.

The Skip Brevis Band will play this and we might play it for fifteen minutes because it feels so damn good. I have Chris Tedesco (fiddler extraordinaire) wail on it and he’ll also sing a little harmony with me, and we just let Luca Tozzi go crazy on blues guitar. Then I get to tickle the ivories a bit. I watch the audience and they love it, so I’ll stick with it as long as we want and everyone’s happy and grooving.

In May of 1987 Casey was born.

We were in a one bedroom and had the crib next to our bed. It’s funny how I can’t remember a lot of things but I do remember the Beatrix Potter bumpers and mobile and I can remember the smell of new baby in the house, and in those days the moms could stay in the hospital for four days. The hospital was on 5th and 98th and I remember walking back and forth to that hospital – a nervous wreck. Those four days seemed like a month. Then finally we got the OK from the doctor and I said BRING IT ON HOME!

Oops I meant bring HIM on home. Oops I meant bring CASEY on home. Oops I meant bring CLAUDIA and CASEY on home to me!

Well, I was a new dad and very confused!

Great tune!

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