Born to Be Wild

Sitting in my hotel in Reading PA.  Just came back from closing night of Damn Yankess, a show I musical directed. It’s a sweet and sad thing to see a run come to an end.  Everyone moves on to the next project. My conductor Robbie Cowan did an amazing job musically not to mention the psychological feat of dealing with 20 actors night after night. Thanks, Robbie!

It’s April 12th!  Happy Birthday to John Kay of Steppenwolf!

Born to be Wild.

It’s the ultimate car song.  Claudia and I were driving to Pennsylvania today with the windows open singing this at the top of our lungs. My lungs are louder than my wife’s, but she looks better than me.  C’est la vie.

Get your motor running…

7 thoughts on “Born to Be Wild

  1. Congrats on the show. I did Damn Yankees senior year of high school, so thing brings back memories … I played a baseball widow aka the chorus! Plus, I grew up in HP, IL, so there’s that connection too!

    Happy weekend!

    • thx for stopping by. this tour was twelve weeks of one nighters, bus & truck. fun show. our baseball widows were great! everyone had a ball. on to the next thing…

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