Blueberry Hill

September 26, 1956 Fats Domino enters the charts with Blueberry Hill

day 173

Another great piano rocker! I love Fats Domino and was glad to have the chance to play Blueberry Hill.  There are hundreds of guitar rocker dudes but only a handful of great piano dudes. This is the style of piano playing that attracted me to piano, although when my mom sent me to piano lessons at age 6 with Mrs. Stumpf I was taught some tiresome crap that made me want to run away. But my mommy made me keep going, and finally I figured out how to play rock piano on my own. Later on I realized that most teachers they have their own thing, and if you are studying with them, learn their thing then move on to the next teacher and learn THEIR thing! It wasn’t until I studied with Norman Gold that I realized how to absorb music information and find my own thing!

When I teach, I give students the tools and let them build whatever they want. Unless of course they say “I wanna play like Fats Domino,” and I say “Hell Yeah!”


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