Blue Suede Shoes

September 8,  1956 Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes is released!

there were tornados in NYC today!

Another good 50’s rocker. Love Elvis. 

All right. Kinda whooped tonight. I just got home from a gig in deep Jersey. I think the town was near Milford.  Seems every state has a Milford. Anyway my GPS on the iphone had no clue how to get me there, so I drove in circles for an hour in a the heaviest rainstorm I’ve ever been in. Branches were flying by me. My windshield wipers on high weren’t cutting it, so I drove about 15 mph leaning forward to see through the storm. Now I’m a well seasoned road warrior and I was fine driving in this weather but now i’m pooped.

Hate having to pay attention while I’m driving.  And can you imagine what this storm would have done to my blue suede shoes if I were wearing them?

more tomorrow!

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