Black and Blue

January 30, 1911 Happy Birthday Roy Eldridge!


I started to look through all the songs Roy Eldridge recorded to pick one for this blog today and I was going down an alphabetical list and stopped right away at Black and Blue.

This was a song that Norman Gold, my piano teacher in the 70’s, used to play a lot. I learned it back then and I haven’t played it since.  I had to find the music for it.  I really didn’t remember how it went.  So many songs that I’ve played years ago and even though I might not remember how the song goes, I remember where I was when I learned it.

When I learned and first played Black and Blue I was living on 57th street and 8th ave and Claudia lived on 57th and 3rd ave. We were dating going back and forth to each other’s apartment.  We knew every store and building between our apartments.  A lot of them are gone – like Crazy Eddie’s and the movie theater near 3rd Ave and Coliseum Books and the Blue Jay diner on the west side and there are some that we’d never imagine would be on 57th street.  Like grocery stores and McDonald’s.

Anyway playing this old tune brought back some memories.

Black and Blue!


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