Bird on a Wire

September 21, 1934 Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen!

day 168

Talk about one the most prolific writers of our time! Canadian born Leonard Cohen is one of my all time favorites. I’ve already done Hallelujah in this blog, so today was going to be either Suzanne or Bird on a Wire. On my iPod I have the Neville Brothers version of Bird on a Wire, so that sold it for me and I tried to give it a little of that vibe.

Anyhow… stuck in the house right now waiting for the washing machine dude to come fix our dryer and he said he’d be here at noon and right now it’s 3:30.  He’s a little late. When I call him he says “On my way!” Whatever. We gots to get out of here by 5:30 to have dinner at The Barrell with my in-laws and then the 4 of us are going to see our friend David Ippolito‘s show Possibility Junkie music directed by another good buddy George Wurzbach!  David’s got some great songs so it should be fun night.

Well, Happy Birthday LC!

Hope y’all enjoy my interpretation of Bird on a Wire!


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