Beyond the Sea

January 17, 1990 Bobby Darin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

day 285

Beyond The Sea is one swinging tune.  Sometimes a melody alone swings so hard you don’t need accompaniment but the big band on this track is burning hot!

Today was a busy and creative day!  I had a meeting with Charles Strouse, Jeff Moss, and Leslie Lee about the show Martin which we will open in Philly in April!

Then Claudia and I went and saw a reading of Jake Holmes’ and David Buskin’s great new musical “Class of 68” with Alison Fraser (my favorite actress) in it. The whole cast and band were A+!

And tonight my friend, singer Jen Houston came over to record a new original dance track for a new independent film!

A good full day of music!

And here’s a little swing – Beyond The Sea!

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