Betcha By Golly Wow

August 8, 1949 Happy Birthday Airrion Love (The Stylistics)!


Great song!  I love the Stylistics but I mostly know Betcha By Golly Wow from Aaron Neville singing it.  He’s got so much vibrato in his voice and I’ve seen comedians do impressions of him and his vibrato, but I love it.  He sort of keeps time with his vibrato!

Don’t have a lot to say as we are running out to do two gigs tonight. The first is Skip Brevis Band at the Red Lion 7-10 and then the Stingers from 930-1 at the Groove.

I’m going to have the Stingers start without me and I’ll run in.  The 2 venues are only 3 blocks away from each other.

Tomorrow is Dylan’s birthday!

And today is Airrion Love’s!  Happy Birthday, dude!


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