Be My Baby

July 26th 1941 Happy Birthday Darlene Love!

day 111

The first time I saw Darlene Love she was singing in Ellie Greenwich’s LEADER OF THE PACK in the now closed Bottom Line, a great venue on West 4th street in the village. Starring with Darlene was our old friend Pattie Darcy singing her face off. That’s a good thing. But Darlene blew me away.

There is a quality to her voice that cuts right over the other singers and right over a good loud rock band.

We couldn’t use Be My Baby in BEEHIVE but have used it in many of our jukebox shows and it’s always a girl song. I’m not sure if I’ve ever sang this song before, but I liked singing it today. Claudia and I have some original songs I’d love for Darlene to sing.  She is still singing her face off.  That’s a good thing!

Happy Birthday Ms. Darlene Love!!! And I want to wish her a speedy recovery and to get back to the stage real quick!!


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