Bad Moon Rising

September 19, 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival scores a UK #1 hit with Bad Moon Rising!


I love Creedence although I never sang Bad Moon Rising before. I don’t know why. Maybe I thought it was more complicated than it is.  Anyway, it’s today’s song and I like it and I’m going to put it in my setlist.

Spent most of today with Disney’s Elle Winter recording and filming a cover song for youtube. She is so grown up for a 13 year old. I was 13 when Bad Moon Rising went number one. I was starting 8th grade at OUR LADY OF REFUGE, a Catholic school in Brooklyn. The church is still there but they closed the grade school.

We had some rough girls in that class.  I’ll never forget Susan Boyle.  She stabbed me in the butt with her compass!

I remember just sucking it up cause Susan hung with a tough gang. These girls drove the nuns crazy. The boys were scared of the nuns but the girls didn’t fear anything. We used to go to a rollerrink in Levittown, Long Island once a month and we were taken in a nice tour bus to the rink. One time these girls had a flask in the back of the bus. They caused havoc at the rink and our school got kicked out and couldn’t go anymore.

Those were some bad girls rising.  Wonder what ever happened to them?

see you tomorrow!


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