Baby Workout

April 7th, 2013

Ta dah!!

Baby Workout has been my closing theme song for over 20 years so it’s fitting I pick it for today’s final song of this yearlong blog! Yes, today is the last cover song of the year for me.

Let’s review.

Claudia and I decided to do this song a day blog and no matter what was happening in each day I would have to perform a song that had relevance to that day in music history. Now I thought that would be fine. Then Claudia thought it would be cool if I wore a different shirt every day. Okay, she found me 365 different shirts. (Anybody need a shirt?) then she thought it would be unique and give each video a slightly different look to have something new on the music stand each day. Okay 365 different chachkes or music or sumpthin on the music stand.

We did a song in every hotel we were in, in the backyard, the bedroom, the Poconos, in the car with the Stingers, with special guests. You got to read my ramblings about my teenage life in Brooklyn, my friends, my family, my gigging career, what I was working on presently, my dates with my wife, what we were eating. I talked about my boys (who are my pride and joy) I talked about my teachers and my favorite singers and musicians.

So, in summation, I’m a pretty happy guy with a great family and I get to play music every day of my life. I’m healthy and everyone right now around me is healthy, and I really feel we were put in this world to be happy and have fun doing what we love with whom we love!

So, thanks for listening!


Come back next Sunday when we start our next project here!  A weekly original song!  Every Sunday!

Not sure if i can do the shirt thing anymore.  In fact, I think i might wear 1 shirt for the entire year 🙂

Baby Workout!

more next week!


13 thoughts on “Baby Workout

  1. You’re a lucky man, Skip! I’m gonna miss my daily dose of Brevis. George and I will have to come see you in person soon 🙂

  2. Wow, what a trip we took with you. Loved the songs, the guests, and especially your blog. Looking forward to the original songs. Yay!

  3. Well I was a latecomer to this adventure but I thoroughly enjoyed it while I had it! Looking forward to the year of weekly original songs, though & the next time we come in to see you when Amy sings. Enjoy the “down time” 🙂

  4. Congrats on your daily (crazy) project !!
    Can’t wait for the weekly original songs 🙂
    BTW, have you heard of Christine Santelli? She did one orginal song per day, for 100 days. You guys are crazy 😉
    Skip, please send my love to Claudia, Dylan and Casey. I miss you!

  5. This is awesome news! (Sorry, I’m so late in finding out) I can’t wait to see the originals! You and Claudia rule!

    Here’s hoping we get to see us some Claudia and the boys this year.

    Also – can’t wait to see what you’re wearing and am now thinking about sending you some background items. It’ll be a surprise (if I do it or not)

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