Turn Your Lamp Down Low (Baby Please Don’t Go)

April 4, 1913 Happy Birthday Muddy Waters!

day 362

Muddy Waters is in the top tier of all blues men.  He’s who Mick Jagger learned from – in fact the Stones are named for a Muddy Waters song Rolling Stone.  You can find some great footage of Muddy and Mick singing together on youtube. I’m glad to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Muddy Waters’ birth by singing one of the blues he recorded.

I can’t believe I’ve done 362 days in a row of this series and have only 3 more days to go to complete the year!  Actually though I think I’m doing an extra day – I must have lost count someplace along the way because I started on April 7th and where I am now with the count, labeling most days under my picture, it winds up that day 365 will end up on April 7th.  Shouldn’t day 365 end up on April 6th?  Oh well, one for good luck.

And i will start my new weekly series of one original tune a week when I’m done with my daily series.  Not sure what day that will be but this might be a good time to subscribe to the blog (there’s an email link on the side to the right) so you won’t miss my updates.  I know that would just devastate you!

It’s going to get hectic soon because we’re getting into gig season and I’m working on the Willie & the Swagga album and I’m going to have a record release party and Claudia should be finishing her novel by this summer and we got big plans!  Lotsa big plans so stay tuned!

more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Turn Your Lamp Down Low (Baby Please Don’t Go)

  1. Skip, thank you so much for the wonderful, educational and ultra enjoyable year of music!! You are a gem!

    • thanks so much, Janice. Today will be my last day and then I hope you’ll stop by for my weekly original videos!

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