Alice’s Restaurant / Keep on Truckin’ Mama

July 10, 1947 Happy Birthday Arlo Guthrie!

did somebody say restaurant?

So while I’m playing Alice’s Restaurant today I realize that it has the same chords as Keep on Truckin’ Mama by Hot Tuna, one of my favorite bands.

I took Dylan to see Hot Tuna last year at the Beacon  and we were in the third row and once again it’s funny to see your childhood rock heros grow up, cut their hair and stumble on stage.  They used to stumble beacause they were high.  Now they stumble because they’re old.  I should talk.

Jack Casady bass player extraordinaire whose still playing great looks like somebody’s math teacher. Somebody somewhere is probably saying the same thing about me. Or that I look like a cop.  Or a gangster.

Hot Tuna is a case of folk music meets the blues.  They were the rhythm section for Jefferson Airplane but what Hot Tuna did was play old tyme blues and and turn the amps up to 10.

I remember waiting in line overnight for Hot Tuna tickets with my good buddies Mark Boyle and Dennis Cheng.  In those days the waiting in line was as much fun as the concert.  We’d bring beach chairs, a cooler, a radio…

Anyway, I’ve always liked Alice’s Restaurant and now I know why. It’s an old blues tune.

Happy Birthday AG.  This one’s for you!


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