Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do

January 22, 1931 Happy Birthday Sam Cooke!

day 290

I love Sam Cooke and sing his material all the time.  When I saw it was his birthday today I looked through a list of all the songs he’d recorded and chose Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness!  And then I had to wikipedia the song because I always thought it was Taint Nobody’s… and then there was the business or bizness or biz-ness discrepancy in the title.  Well apparently its been titled several different ways!  so confusing.

I actually wanted to sing A Change is Gonna Come but this darn laryngitis is kicking my butt and I had to pick an easier song.

hey, so I’m at the Red Lion tonight with the Stingers.  It’s 19 degrees out at the moment so I think coming on in from the cold into the best bar on Bleecker Street would be a good idea.  We start around 10.  See you there!


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