A Song For You

April 2, 1942 Happy Birthday Leon Russell!

day 360

A Song For You is a classic, written and recorded by Leon Russell, one of the great original rock and roll blues piano players.  And because Donny Hathaway also sang the hell out of this it became a soul classic as well.  A lot of singers come in auditioning with this song cause they can show off their vocal gymnastics all over it.  Although, in this current show we’re casting, the singers will not be coming in and singing this.  Not for Hello Dolly!  They’re all about Les Mis or Phantom and it’s a different kind of showing off.

Although, tell you the truth, I’m starting to be more impressed by singers who just sing the song nice and easy.

Stingers are at the Groove tomorrow night.  That’s Wednesday 4/3 for you all tuning in late.  We start at 9.  Come on down.  I’ll get Stanley Hopkins to show off and sing A Song For You!

for tonight though, i’m singing it for Leon Russell’s birthday!

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