A Gazillion Little Bits Book Trailer

caseybrevesHey y’all!

Let me get my gig info out of the way first!

Tonight 5/22 I’m at Whitman and Bloom with Casey, and Sunday (5/25) we’re at Jazz Brunch at the Red Lion. At both gigs we invite singers and horn players to sit in, so come on out and eat and drink and listen to music and sing if ya want to!

Have you read Eric Randall’s New Yorker article? My son Dylan is featured and it’s a hysterical story. Dylan has changed reality! Check it out: How a Raccoon Became an Aardvark! #brazilianaardvark

I mentioned last blog that my wife’s book, A Gazillion Little Bits, has come out and a few days ago I added the music to her book trailer! Give it a watch. It’s a minute long.

So the Brevis household has been buzzing. We had Lynne Newman in this week recording her new Forgiveness CD, and I’ve been working with different singers, and recording and writing with Casey and doing Claudia’s book trailer, and in the middle of everything we’ve had construction on our second little bathroom…the bathroom we haven’t used in years because the last landlord shut the water off because of a leak, and after that it just became a black abyss for all things we didn’t want to deal with. Got a keyboard case? Throw it in the bathroom. Cat carriers. Toss them in. And the bathroom smelled funky and was a little disgusting….

BUT this week I can officially say the bathroom is——almost done! So next time you stop by and need to pee. Ask to see it!

And before I head out, happy birthday to my father-in-law, Mike!

more soon.

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