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Color Me, Heaven, & You Get to Me (originals)

Carla, Katie & Casey

It was much easier when I was doing a song every day for a year to keep up.  Now that I’m delivering one original song every Sunday, well let’s just say it hasn’t been every Sunday! I’ve been AWOL, so here are 3 songs to make up for the last 2 weeks I’ve missed.  It’s August, it’s been hot, I’ve been busy and to tell you the truth last Sunday i just forgot!

These 3 songs were written music first. Actually, groove first, then melody and then lyrics.

My son Casey is back in NYC and we have been working on his recordings, and he sang at my gig Friday night in the Hamptons.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Katie Couric ran up and hugged him as he sang and Paul McCartney gave him a thumbs up!

Pretty great night.  Sir Paul grabbed the mic from one of my singers and sang Let the Good Times Roll with us!

More next week!  Summer’s coming to a quick close and we got big plans for September!