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Lola’s Theme (original)

Lola’s Theme (music by Skip Brevis, 1990)

may 26th

This song was written for “Lola” obviously, but who was Lola?  There was a restaurant in the late 80’s early 90’s called Lola on 22nd Street between 5th and 6th.  It was co-owned by its namesake and host and manager Lola, a sassy smart businesswomen who loved music.

I came into her club, hired to make a show out of her gospel brunch on Sundays, and I began a long stint at Lola. We had just came off the road with touring companies of Beehive, and she asked if i could start a band there in her front room. It was more like a long hallway and you wouldn’t expect there to be music in there but she did have a piano so this is how the Stingers got started — me with a drum machine and a little synth bass and 5 of the best singers! We had a magnificent run there.

Lola was innovative and tough. She would bring in all the great tap dancers for one night with me on piano, she had Gospel night, Latin night, ect and we did all kinds of shows and music.

One afternoon she asked me to write a theme song for her and I did and today’s song is the theme I wrote for her.  I’d play it when she came in the room, when she walked by the piano — I played it a lot and this is how I first wrote it, as an instrumental.  Years later my buddy John Malino put words to it and he still plays it with his band The John Malino Band.

Lola got sick and moved to Florida and she passed away a few years ago. I did get to see her once there when the Stingers played at Jimmy Buffet’s club, and she thanked me for all her great musical memories and I thanked her for years she let me play, drink, eat and develop the Stingers in her club!

I know a lot of musicians and singers from those days will remember Lola as I have.  She was one of a kind.

more next week!

I Can Hear You (original)

home sweet home

I Can Hear You (lyrics by Claudia Brevis, music by Skip Brevis & Claudia Brevis, 2008)

I Can Hear You started off as another song and of course as I always do, I rushed out and had it produced and brought in a young 22 year old angsty singer to sing it.  What I had written was a cheesy, corny love song!  I can’t even remember the name of it but when it was all finished the song sucked but the track was amazing! So I asked Claudia to just rewrite the whole damn thing to this great track I had.  She came up with this brilliant song over my track and now as it turns out it needs a whole new track because its a whole other vibe.

I’m still trying to figure out how to produce this song but it’s kinda nice just playing guitar and singing it.  I’m really liking trying all these songs on guitar.

Well, just to keep you up to date, Casey is back from China!

I’m teaching a piano clinic Monday 5/20.

We are mixing the Willie & the Swagga record!

Claudia is getting real close to finishing her novel!

And Dylan working his butt off and is bummed he didn’t win the powerball!

I’ll be at the Red Lion with the Skip Brevis Band on Wednesday (5/22 7pm) and with the Stingers at Saxon Woods Grill on Thursday night (5/23).  Come on out if you can.

more next week!  I’m working on a couple of new tunes and hope to have one ready. 🙂

Sin Sin (original)

week five

Sin Sin (lyrics by Claudia Brevis, music by Skip Brevis & Claudia Brevis, 2011) is a song we wrote for a placement in a teen horror movie.  We did a great recording of it at the time with CE Smith singing it!  It didn’t get picked up but I’m thinking it sounds like it would be good for the HBO series True Blood. I’ll have to get it submitted for that. I like playing this one live with my band — it has a nice swampy feel with slide guitar and fiddle.  Lots of fun.

Well today is Mother’s Day and i’m thankful and happy to say I’ve got my 90 year old mom here with us to celebrate. We went out to Pete’s Tavern for brunch with my mom and in-laws and Dylan. My other son Casey is in China gigging. We spoke to him this morning and he told us he ate scorpion on a stick last night and his friend ate fried tarantula.

We had spaghetti.

The Stingers are gigging  Tuesday night (5/14) at the Red Lion.  May 14 also happens to be Casey’s birthday and he’ll be in Singapore so we’ll miss being with him!  Come on out and we’ll celebrate in his absence!

I’ve been working all week with justjohn mixing and finishing up this Willie & the Swagga album.  Getting closer and having a ball doing it!

And, I also wanted to let you all know that our buddy Sam Tsui released his album yesterday.  Go check it out.  Here’s the first video from it.

i’m off to watch some Game of Thrones!

see you next week.  Sin Sin coming right up.  It might take a few more minutes to finish uploading, so if you get here before it’s done, please come back!


Hammer of Love (original)

Hammer of Love (words & music Skip Brevis, 1990) is an original I wrote way back in the day when the Stingers had a recording contract — album fell apart, long story — but since then I’ve always done it in my Skip Brevis Band set and I have a great track on it though I’ve never recorded the vocals.

Some day I’ll get it recorded fully.

I’m a little late getting this week #4 video up tonight cause i was recording my final vocal on another song so we can start to mix this Willie & the Swagga album.   And earlier, the wife and I and the inlaws were out and about going to a barn dance (yes I said barn dance) and then dinner, and of course there was the obligatory Sunday nap, and this morning I had a meeting and, blah blah busy day.

I wanted to let you all know — any of you local pianists tuning in — i’m holding an Advanced Piano Clinic on May 20th.  For current students, interested old pros, musicians looking to broaden their styles…details are HERE.  Do RSVP if you plan on coming cause there’s only so much space in the studio.

more next week!