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Lovin’ You

April 5, 1975 Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ You hits #1!

day 363

Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Pete!

Minnie Ripperton sang so pretty and so high there was no way I could try to sing Lovin’ You the way she did and hit the notes she did.

I heard quite a bit of high notes today, auditioning about 50 sopranos for the Hello Dolly tour. My ears are still ringing from the heights.

On the other hand, its great to see so many talented women coming out and dressing to the nines for a 16 bar audition!  And now they’ll come back 3 more times for dance, call backs and  final callbacks.  Pros, every one of them.

Stingers are gigging up in the Bronx Botanical Gardens tomorrow night.  It should be a beautiful night for a wedding and I’m looking forward to it.  I love the Botanical Gardens and when we’re there I like to walk around and take in the sights.

How do you like my red jacket?  So far, during these past 363 days I’ve worn a different shirt in each video.  Yep.  Well today I decided to wear a jacket that’s hanging in our costume closet.  The multi-talented Jason Bowen wore it in our readings of Winner Take All before we brought the show to the Fringe Festival.  It was the Devil’s jacket.  I didn’t feel evil wearing it, though, just kind of red.

more tomorrow!

Turn Your Lamp Down Low (Baby Please Don’t Go)

April 4, 1913 Happy Birthday Muddy Waters!

day 362

Muddy Waters is in the top tier of all blues men.  He’s who Mick Jagger learned from – in fact the Stones are named for a Muddy Waters song Rolling Stone.  You can find some great footage of Muddy and Mick singing together on youtube. I’m glad to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Muddy Waters’ birth by singing one of the blues he recorded.

I can’t believe I’ve done 362 days in a row of this series and have only 3 more days to go to complete the year!  Actually though I think I’m doing an extra day – I must have lost count someplace along the way because I started on April 7th and where I am now with the count, labeling most days under my picture, it winds up that day 365 will end up on April 7th.  Shouldn’t day 365 end up on April 6th?  Oh well, one for good luck.

And i will start my new weekly series of one original tune a week when I’m done with my daily series.  Not sure what day that will be but this might be a good time to subscribe to the blog (there’s an email link on the side to the right) so you won’t miss my updates.  I know that would just devastate you!

It’s going to get hectic soon because we’re getting into gig season and I’m working on the Willie & the Swagga album and I’m going to have a record release party and Claudia should be finishing her novel by this summer and we got big plans!  Lotsa big plans so stay tuned!

more tomorrow!

Wooly Bully

April 3, 1965: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs’ Wooly Bully is released!

day 361

There are a lot of cute stories about Wooly Bully on its wikipedia page.  One in particular, that the Pharaohs wanted to write a tribute to the Hully Gully dance, but the record department’s legal department was concerned because there was another similarly titled song (hey, didn’t they know you can’t copyright a title?) so anyway, they wrote Wooly Bully instead!

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.  That is a great name for a band.

Running out.  I’m at the Groove with the Stingers tonight and I gotta load the car!  more tomorrow…

A Song For You

April 2, 1942 Happy Birthday Leon Russell!

day 360

A Song For You is a classic, written and recorded by Leon Russell, one of the great original rock and roll blues piano players.  And because Donny Hathaway also sang the hell out of this it became a soul classic as well.  A lot of singers come in auditioning with this song cause they can show off their vocal gymnastics all over it.  Although, in this current show we’re casting, the singers will not be coming in and singing this.  Not for Hello Dolly!  They’re all about Les Mis or Phantom and it’s a different kind of showing off.

Although, tell you the truth, I’m starting to be more impressed by singers who just sing the song nice and easy.

Stingers are at the Groove tomorrow night.  That’s Wednesday 4/3 for you all tuning in late.  We start at 9.  Come on down.  I’ll get Stanley Hopkins to show off and sing A Song For You!

for tonight though, i’m singing it for Leon Russell’s birthday!

The Way It Is

April 1, 1986 Bruce Hornsby and the Range release the album The Way It Is!

day 359

I love me some Bruce Hornsby!  I loved him playing with the Grateful Dead, and with Bela Fleck combining a bluegrass and jazz vibe.  

The Way It Is was his hit with his own band – actually this album went multi-platinum.  And another great Bruce Hornsby tune I love is End of the Innocence with Don Henley.

Had a busy theatrical day starting with Hello Dolly auditions this morning and moving into Martin Before the Dream auditions in the afternoon and then a writing session and then back to Willie & the Swagga tonight.

And now I’m exhausted and have to watch some television and go to bed!

more tomorrow, but not for so many more tomorrows.  this is my last week of this project!

The Way It Is!