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Drown On Dry Land (original)

Drown On Dry Land  (lyrics by Claudia Brevis music by Skip Brevis, 2011)

week three

I asked Claudia to write me a lyric a couple of years ago when I was feeling a little depressed.

We were in the Poconos and I was trying to write something myself because when you’re feeling down you’re supposed to be inspired.  It works for everyone else, but nope I was blank, had nothing, lethargic, so Claudia — who is my muse — wrote this for me.  The lyric came first  and i think it took me 15 minutes to put her words to music and then another 15 minutes for me to be in the best mood ever!

You want to talk bipolar?  hello.  But that’s the way it is. Everyday both of us wake up to write and somedays it’s easy and some days it’s like pulling teeth, but when it works nothing feels better!

This song was slated to be on the upcoming Willie  & the Swagga album but I decided to wait on this one cause I want a full choir and orchestra and that’s a little beyond the scope of what I’m doing with my Willie album….so, it’ll be on the next one!

Drown on Dry Land!  (more next week)

Time To Go Home (original)

Time To Go Home  (words & music Skip Brevis, 2013)

week two

Week 2 of my original song series and this song, Time To Go Home, is brand spanking new, also inspired by some great salvation stories i read a few weeks ago.  I wrote it on guitar but when it came time to record it tonight I decided to play it on piano.

Well, today was my mom’s big 90th birthday bash in Pearl River. Thank God for my cousins Alyssa, Lisa and Vicky  for pulling this party together! All my mom’s friends from all over came and she was glowing the whole afternoon.

We got there early and my cousins had put up poster boards of pictures of my mom and dad all through their beautiful 60 year marriage and of all the kids and grandchildren, and in almost every picture my parents were dancin and I remember so many good times, and there were rough times, but through it all my parents danced!

Claudia and i are dancin a lot around the house these days.  I guess dancing is key to a good life, but the pictures made me a little sad cause i miss my dad.

I just got off the phone with my mom and the first gift she opened tonight was a bottle of Tanquery gin so she cracked that bottle open and now she’s rubbing off all the scratch offs she got as gifts. She’s a happy girl tonight!

love ya mom!

Here’s Time To Go Home.

Change My Way (original)

Change My Way (words and music Skip Brevis, 2013)

week one

Well, my year of cover songs is over and today begins my year of one original song every week!

Change My Way is a new song.  I was reading some great redemption stories and wrote a series of songs based on those stories.  Change My Way was the first.

So, what have I been up to this week without blogging daily?

I am musical directing the Hello Dolly tour, not that I am touring – I will just teach it in New York. I’m approaching the Jerry Herman score like it’s an old ragtime piano piece and I’ve been having a blast listening and practicing lots of Scott Joplin and Fats Waller.

My mom and sister are coming to town Tuesday and we’ll have a little get together at the Red Lion at the Stingers gig!  Come on down (4/16 10pm) and say hi to my mom!  We’re celebrating her 90th birthday next weekend and getting an early start!

So, here’s Change My Way!  Hope you like it.  More next week!


Baby Workout

April 7th, 2013

Ta dah!!

Baby Workout has been my closing theme song for over 20 years so it’s fitting I pick it for today’s final song of this yearlong blog! Yes, today is the last cover song of the year for me.

Let’s review.

Claudia and I decided to do this song a day blog and no matter what was happening in each day I would have to perform a song that had relevance to that day in music history. Now I thought that would be fine. Then Claudia thought it would be cool if I wore a different shirt every day. Okay, she found me 365 different shirts. (Anybody need a shirt?) then she thought it would be unique and give each video a slightly different look to have something new on the music stand each day. Okay 365 different chachkes or music or sumpthin on the music stand.

We did a song in every hotel we were in, in the backyard, the bedroom, the Poconos, in the car with the Stingers, with special guests. You got to read my ramblings about my teenage life in Brooklyn, my friends, my family, my gigging career, what I was working on presently, my dates with my wife, what we were eating. I talked about my boys (who are my pride and joy) I talked about my teachers and my favorite singers and musicians.

So, in summation, I’m a pretty happy guy with a great family and I get to play music every day of my life. I’m healthy and everyone right now around me is healthy, and I really feel we were put in this world to be happy and have fun doing what we love with whom we love!

So, thanks for listening!


Come back next Sunday when we start our next project here!  A weekly original song!  Every Sunday!

Not sure if i can do the shirt thing anymore.  In fact, I think i might wear 1 shirt for the entire year 🙂

Baby Workout!

more next week!


If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)

April 6, 1925 Eddie Cantor was recording If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)

day 364

If You Knew Susie was a fun song to play this morning.  When I saw it on a list of songs for this date I thought it would be nice to do a roaring twenties tune in the closing days of this series!

In my search for music this past year, I’ve run across a lot of different websites and archives and music calendars, but I found one very recently at the Library of Congress, and although I haven’t used it for this blog, there are lots of great songs and you can make playlists, or just browse and listen.  Old tunes.  Novelty songs.   Wish I would have found it earlier in the year.  Check it out:  The National Jukebox

Gotta run!  See ya’s tomorrow.