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March 26, 1948 Happy Birthday Richard Tandy (Electric Light Orchestra)!

day 353

The only reason I picked this song today is because Claudia told me that I didn’t have any song that started with the letter X in this blog discography, so now i can wish Richard Tandy a happy birthday with an X song (from the movie Xanadu featuring music by Olivia Newton John & Electric Light Orchestra).  This will most probably be the first and last time I’ll ever have to play this song, but you never know!

Both my gigs were pretty empty last night due to it being the first night of Passover. I had fun anyway. Sometimes with a small crowd it’s sort of like a living room setting and I play a little then I bullshit a little, then play then chat. Claudia wasn’t there last night. I usually look over to her when I’m talking too much and she gives me the Zip it sign, so last night she wasn’t there and Dylan came up to me after one of my long winded stories and gave me the Zip it sign. It’s good someone’s looking out!

more tomorrow!

Chain of Fools

March 25, 1942 Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!

day 352

There isn’t anything I can say about Aretha Franklin that hasn’t been said before, so I will just wish the Queen of Soul the happiest of birthdays and bow down to her!  So much material to choose from, and I picked her Chain of Fools to commemorate the day.

When Casey graduated Yale, Ms. Franklin received an honorary degree and we were lucky to be there and see it.  Have a picture someplace, but finding that probably won’t happen.  It was a beautiful weekend – President Clinton speaking, Aretha Franklin accepting her degree, and my son graduating!

ok, i’m in the middle of gigs here.  Just finished Red Lion and have run over to the Groove with the Stingers.  gotta get going.  Our set is starting any second.

What Is This Thing Called Love

March 24, 1945 The King Cole Trio is at #1 in the first Billboard Album chart!

day 351

I’ve mentioned before that Nat Cole was a great jazz pianist first before he was known as the great singer.  What Is This Thing Called Love is a Cole Porter song he recorded with his jazz trio in 1945.  So many of Cole Porter’s songs written for shows became jazz standards.  What Is This Thing Called Love is from the musical Wake Up and Dream. When I was playing jazz in college i had no idea all these tunes were show tunes.  I was even surprised to find out these tunes had words!

Claudia and I took another long walk today in Inwood Park.  It’s wild to think that there are rocks there that are 450 million years old. Claudia knows all things New York so it’s like having a tour guide with you.

Tomorrow I have 2 gigs back to back. 7-9 Songwriters Circle at the Red Lion and then 9-12 with the Stingers at the Groove.

I might be getting too old for this!

Ain’t Nobody

March 23, 1953 Happy Birthday Chaka Khan!

Wishing Ms. CK the happiest and funkiest of birthdays, today!

The Stingers are en route to Brielle, NJ – gigging at Rella’s Tavern.  We love this joint!  Great crowd, great staff, great menu.  And we’re glad to be there tonight.  If you’re around the Jersey shore or just feel like taking a drive on this beautiful night, then Come On Down and party with us!  We start at 9pm.

more tomorrow.

This Masquerade

March 22, 1943 Happy Birthday George Benson!

am i asleep? day 349

This Masquerade was huge back in the day –  especially because it was  great jazz player singing a pop song.  I remember the purists saying that he sold out! I say it was about time! And I believe he won a Grammy for it.  So take that, purists!  And a very happy birthday to George Benson!

Back at Sweetwaters, I used to play with Stanley Banks, Benson’s long time bass player.  He had this thing playing tambourine with his foot while slapping the hell out the bass. And i mean he was playing double time gospel tambourine with his foot. I never did figure out how he did that!

Tomorrow the Stingers are playing at Rella’s Tavern in Brielle on the Jersey shore. It’s a madhouse, crazy fun – if you’re around, come down. Its gonna be wild.