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I Saw The Light

January 26, 1947 Hank Williams, Sr. writes I Saw the Light!

day 294

Yesterday ‘s song, Jesus Take The Wheel was a contemporary pop God song and today’s song, I Saw The Light, is an old country God song.

Is someone trying to get me to pay attention?

Well it’s working. Claudia and I are going to the Brooklyn Tabernacle tomorrow.  I have a friend in the choir and the service there is so good! And the choir is too!  You have to get there really early for a good seat and since the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir played at Obama’s Inauguration, I’m sure it will be even more packed than usual!

I love Hank Williams songs and old country songs that tell you the whole story in just a few lines, have a melody you can sing back after one hearing and that can be harmonized from beginning to end. Simple and Perfect!

Jesus Take The Wheel

January 25, 2006: Carrie Underwood collects a gold award for her single Jesus, Take The Wheel.  (via

day 293

I love this song, Jesus Take The Wheel!

You know there are no atheists in foxholes, and so many times I’ve been behind the wheel and said God get me and my family home and he’s gotten me home.

I am very thankful to have what I have and be where I am! Getting a little more spiritual as I get older.

By the way I just drove through heavy snow and got to the gig safely.

Thank god.

Good tune.

Everything Is Beautiful

January 24, 1939 Happy Birthday Ray Stevens!


Everything is Beautiful, written by Ray Stevens, is a sweet song! I wish we had sweet pop songs now.  This song today would be considered a little corny, but i like corny dammit!

All right, hopefully in a few days i’ll be able to sing in my tenor voice because this singing like a baritone is getting tired. I’m gigging tomorrow, and I have 3 singers with me and from what I hear 2 of them will be squawking tomorrow also. Well, Stanley is hanging in so we’ll make him sing everything. All good!

I’m ready for springtime!

Happy Birthday Ray Stevens! btw I think i knew 2 other people named Ray Stevens.  Just thought I’d mention that!

Everything is Beautiful!



Sweet Georgia Brown

January 23, 1910 Happy Birthday Django Reinhardt!


Today I’m playing Sweet Georgia Brown, an instrumental that Django Reinhardt recorded like 6 times!  I did an instrumental cause my throat is raw!  But I’m glad to play a Django tune — this guy played his solos with 2 fingers on his fret hand and was a virtuoso guitarist!  Some say the best guitar player ever!

His jazz was before be-bob so the swing was a little more straight up. When I studied with Sanford Gold this was how he swung – sort of like Art Tatum. After Miles Davis came along, and others, swing got looser.

Well i love this feel of old jazz and it’s fun to have youtube to be able to watch old Django videos.  Happy birthday dude! You’re pretty amazing!

Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do

January 22, 1931 Happy Birthday Sam Cooke!

day 290

I love Sam Cooke and sing his material all the time.  When I saw it was his birthday today I looked through a list of all the songs he’d recorded and chose Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness!  And then I had to wikipedia the song because I always thought it was Taint Nobody’s… and then there was the business or bizness or biz-ness discrepancy in the title.  Well apparently its been titled several different ways!  so confusing.

I actually wanted to sing A Change is Gonna Come but this darn laryngitis is kicking my butt and I had to pick an easier song.

hey, so I’m at the Red Lion tonight with the Stingers.  It’s 19 degrees out at the moment so I think coming on in from the cold into the best bar on Bleecker Street would be a good idea.  We start around 10.  See you there!