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My Girl

September 25, 1964 The Temptations begin recording My Girl.  (via

hello shadow

Love this song!

Now, I don’t have any daughters, but I’ve got tons of nieces, so I’m putting the word out now — My Girl is a great father / daughter dance for your wedding!  It’s also a nice mother / son dance, so when either of my guys are ready to take the plunge, I’ll be sure to remind them!

I’m heading out to play at the Red Lion tonight.  The Stingers (everybody’s favorite party & event band!) are gonna rock it. This song is a little slow for the Red Lion – our set list there is pretty much in-your-face dance songs.

Sometimes, as much fun as it is to go out and play, I’d rather just stay home with the wife and watch the new fall season on TV.

But alas, off to work I go and since I can’t stay home I’m gonna bring the wife with me.

My Girl.



Jailhouse Rock

September 24, 1998 Elvis Presley was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. (via

day 171

Elvis is my hero!!

OK.  Only have a minute here.  I’m heading out to host Ann Ruckert’s Songwriters Guild of America’s Songwriters Circle at the Red Lion.  We have some new singer /songwriters coming down,and I’m eager to hear what they got.

It’s a perfect fall day here in the city and Bleecker Street should be partying!

I might even wear a sweater — except then I’ll look like Mr. Rogers.

Anyway, I might throw Jailhouse Rock into the set tonight just for fun!

more tomorrow!

Jack of All Trades

September 23, 1949 Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen!

day 170

I am a big fan of Bruce, and if you’ve been to one of his concerts you know why. This guy gives everything he’s got at every show.

I could have picked any of his hits to sing today but I picked Jack of All Trades because what it does to me.  This song is my relaxing song. I wash dishes to this song.  I drive long drives with this song on repeat.

When I first heard it I had just finished my second gig in a row and after playing 8 hours, Claudia and I were sitting in the Red Lion at 1 in the morning. The place was empty and I was just catching my breath and George the bartender who has great taste in music played it. And I’ll always remember that moment. Not because it was any special moment. I was just exhausted and this song moved me. I love when that happens.  It’s not that often.

Happy Birthday Bruce!



September 22, 1989 Russian-born American composer and lyricist Irving Berlin dies. 

day 169

I sang Always today in recognition of Irving Berlin.  When I looked up the song I found out that not only did he write it for his wife (how romantic!) but he also assigned the royalties to her!  Now THAT is love!

I’m in Southampton tonight with the Stingers.  Fall weddings are really beautiful and we’re having a great time.  I always love having Dylan on a gig with me.


Gotta run.  More tomorrow.


Bird on a Wire

September 21, 1934 Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen!

day 168

Talk about one the most prolific writers of our time! Canadian born Leonard Cohen is one of my all time favorites. I’ve already done Hallelujah in this blog, so today was going to be either Suzanne or Bird on a Wire. On my iPod I have the Neville Brothers version of Bird on a Wire, so that sold it for me and I tried to give it a little of that vibe.

Anyhow… stuck in the house right now waiting for the washing machine dude to come fix our dryer and he said he’d be here at noon and right now it’s 3:30.  He’s a little late. When I call him he says “On my way!” Whatever. We gots to get out of here by 5:30 to have dinner at The Barrell with my in-laws and then the 4 of us are going to see our friend David Ippolito‘s show Possibility Junkie music directed by another good buddy George Wurzbach!  David’s got some great songs so it should be fun night.

Well, Happy Birthday LC!

Hope y’all enjoy my interpretation of Bird on a Wire!