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Why Do Fools Fall in Love

September 30, 1942 Happy Birthday Frankie Lymon!

day 177

I did an arrangment of Why Do Fools Fall in Love 20 years ago for Lesley Gore and Lou Christie and then about 10 years ago I went to see my friend Wayne playing somewhere and Lou Christie was on the bill and he was still using the arrangement!

I can’t believe it’s fall.  As we were driving to our house in Pennsylvania early this morning we saw the leaves changing –  great reds and oranges and there were signs for pumpkins all over. We got to the house and I built a fire, then we ate, and then we napped. Damn i love Sundays!

I’ve got a lot of music business going on and need to get on the phone for hours tomorrow and I need to do it from the house where we don’t get great cell service.  So it’s our land line for me or getting in the car to find some open road with better service. Not loving the land lines anymore!  I’m spoiled by my i-phone.  It still amazes me and I can barely remember how we did business 20 years ago.  I have a vague memory of a typewriter and a rotary phone.

Well I like where technology is at and can’t wait for it to get even greater!

Here ya go for today in music.  Frankie Lymon & the Teenager’s Why Do Fools Fall in Love!  

Happy Birthday dude.  You didn’t have nearly enough of them — you were just a kid, really, when you left us.  But you were a rocking New Yorker that will never be forgotten.

Great Balls of Fire

September 29, 1935 Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis!


Jerry Lee Lewis is not afraid to let his freak flag fly. This guy will hit, slap, stand on, and break more pianos than any other piano player I know. His disrespect for this instrument is so admirable.  I wish I had such abandon. Now I’m kinda loose and I can bang out a tune, but this guy just don’t give a shit!

I’m glad he’s not playing any of my instruments.

Well, if you’ve been following this blog you would’ve known how excited I was to just go to a party last night as a guest and how ridiculously excited I was about having endless SHRIMP at the cocktail hour. Guess what? NO SHRIMP! No COCKTAIL HOUR!

Great balls of fire!

I guess I sorta forgot that 16 year olds don’t have cocktail hours.  It was still a great party — off the hook — but I had my father-in-law all revved up about the shrimp thing too…

So, both of us were a little let down.

I am going to a gig now and one can only hope that they will have a shrimp buffet!

Stay tuned.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

September 28, 1997 LeAnn Rimes went to No.1 on the US album chart with You Light Up My Life Inspirational Songs. (via

day 175

LeAnn Rimes recorded Bridge Over Troubled Water in her Inspirational Songs album that went to #1 on this day!  There were a bunch of great songs to choose from but I really love this one. It’s a smart love song and for me it sounds like a church song and I do love me some gospel!

Lots of great singers have covered Bridge Over Troubled Water from Eva Cassidy to Aretha and Clay Aiken wore this out on American Idol.

My voice is naturally scratchy but today even more so as I sang outside last night.  It was a great night at Saxon Grill in Scarsdale and it was their last BBQ of the season.  The weather started off nice then got cold but everybody was drinking and dancin’ and they didn’t feel a thing.  My 2 other singers were smart and brought jackets and scarves, but not me!

Anyway, it’s great song, and now we are heading out to a relative’s Sweet 16 party.  I hope they got lots of shrimp!

My favorite part of a party is the shrimp and nothing is worse than getting there late and seeing 2 or 3 soggy shrimp left on the table that you know was glorious when it first came out!


September 27, 2000 U2 played a show from the rooftop of The Clarence Hotel in Dublin. Over 4,000 fans gathered on the streets below. (via

day 174

There’s video of U2 doing this rooftop show, and it always stuck in my mind, not only because I thought how cool it was but because I’m a little afraid of heights. I kept thinking, “I hope Bono don’t fall!”

I never really liked going on those rides with the kids going way up in the sky.  I didn’t like the kids going on those rides also because the bar that keeps you in is so damn tight. But when you’re a dad you have to pretend that you’re the Man and nothing bothers you. Now my kids know that their dad is a scaredy cat. Oh well!

It turns out I have to perform this song Saturday as a duet with Carla Scott.  There is a version of this with Bono and Mary J Blige. It’s pretty great!

So glad to have had to do it today.  Carla wasn’t available this afternoon, but I’m going to bring her in for another duet soon!


Blueberry Hill

September 26, 1956 Fats Domino enters the charts with Blueberry Hill

day 173

Another great piano rocker! I love Fats Domino and was glad to have the chance to play Blueberry Hill.  There are hundreds of guitar rocker dudes but only a handful of great piano dudes. This is the style of piano playing that attracted me to piano, although when my mom sent me to piano lessons at age 6 with Mrs. Stumpf I was taught some tiresome crap that made me want to run away. But my mommy made me keep going, and finally I figured out how to play rock piano on my own. Later on I realized that most teachers they have their own thing, and if you are studying with them, learn their thing then move on to the next teacher and learn THEIR thing! It wasn’t until I studied with Norman Gold that I realized how to absorb music information and find my own thing!

When I teach, I give students the tools and let them build whatever they want. Unless of course they say “I wanna play like Fats Domino,” and I say “Hell Yeah!”