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I Got You Babe

August 26, 1965 Sonny and Cher were at #1 on the UK singles chart!

day 142

So I got home at about 7 a.m. this morning after a good 4 hour drive from Cape Cod.  We played a rocking party last night, but I’ll tell ya I’m wooped today.  There was a time when I could play and travel 7 days a week, but now I’m going to need 2 days to recover. The one thing that saved the long drive home was listening to comedy youtubes. We listened to old Eddie Murphy, some recent Robin Williams and I laughed so hard at Dave Chapelle I almost had to pull the car over.

I’ve always loved this track, I Got You Babe, produced by Sonny Bono. A great song is a great song but how it is produced is crucial.   Lately it seems the song can be crap but if the beat and the production are amazing it can be a Number one hit.  It’s getting harder for me to distinguish whether I like the song or the production. I love Lady Gaga tunes cause I feel they nail both. I’m not so sure about some Britney Spears or Rihanna where I probably just like the beat and the production!

Well, Sonny Bono nailed it on this song.  The song and the production!

Love Train / Forget You

August 25, 1942 Happy Birthday Walter Williams of the O’Jays!

NYC's Hottest Party Band!

On the road again this afternoon, heading to beautiful Cape Cod with the Stingers!  Thanks, Carla, Cherry, Ron, Kevin & Dylan for making Today in Music’s video with me!  And thanks, Carla for driving our train so I could catch some zzzz’s in the back – it’s going to be an 18 hour day!!

Happy Birthday Walter Williams!  We love doing Love Train at parties and clubs.  We always get the audience up and love-training it around.  And Forget You is such a great song to mashup with it!  Of course in the clubs we get a little more hard core with the lyrics…..People LOVE singing that…

*#@& you and $&%$ her too!





Sweet Little Angel

August 24, 1979 B.B. King celebrated his 30th year in show business at a special celebration at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, CA.  (via

day 140

I got a sweet little angel.

I spent the day with her at the lake again swimming  and walking and eating healthy. Good time. Speaking of GOOD TIME: Elle Winter and Sam Tsui came out with the cover song Good Time on youtube today! Check it out! We had fun filming and recording it.

I always love to do a B.B. King song. There is something so great about B.B. King’s sing then riff then sing then riff style. It’s definitely a guitar thing. It doesn’t translate exactly to piano and singing blues but we piano players have our own thing. I read the B.B. King autobiography Blues All Around a couple of years ago.  Highly recommend! What a life and what a story. Long live the blues!

Got a long day tomorrow driving. Driving to Cape Cod with the Stingers, so we’re gonna do a band song in the car again. Stay tuned!

i got a sweet little angel.  i like the way she spreads her wings....

Yellow Submarine

August 23, 1966 the Beatles are at #1 on the UK singles chart with Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby!

grandpa mike's shirt

Spent the day in the country. Swam in the lake.  Took a walk around the lake. Practiced piano looking out at the lake. All lots of fun and it was nice to do a light fun song by the Beatles and yes, I even brought out my melodica.

Although the thought of a submarine yellow or not gives me the creeps.  I am so claustriphobic and so is Dylan.  I would never go into a submarine.  I think we went to one in Mystic, Connecticut when the boys were young.  I can’t remember if Claudia and Casey went in but Dylan and I were out. I did like the sea shanties  that we learned that trip although I can’t remember a one of them now!

I don’t even like submarine shows on tv. I can’t even breathe thinking bout it. I was never going to be an astronaut. I hate small cars.  I like first class or the exit row aisle seat on the plane. Don’t like rush hour in the subway or cabs where the driver has his front seat so far back my legs are squashed. OK, enough about that!

A nice perky song, Yellow Submarine, and my playing it made my wife LOL!

Love Me Tender

August 22, 1956 Elvis Presley starts shooting his first movie “Love Me Tender.”


I spent the morning working with the Disney crew  and Elle Winter, their new 13 year old star and contestant of Disney’s Next Big Thing!

It’s astounding to watch how much work and how many people it takes to do a 2 minute piece for t.v.

Elle’s original song will be released on Radio Disney soon.  It’s called “Day Away.”  This single is a really popping dance tune but when we go out on these certain gigs, we have to strip it down to either piano and vocal or guitar and vocal.  There’s something so nice about hearing one voice and one instrument. This way you really hear the words and the emotion of the singer and you can tell if the singer can really sing and Elle Winter totally delivered today and rocked it!

Now Elvis on Love Me Tender is guitar and voice and it sounds like Elvis is right in your living room and singing it just for you.  His voice quality and emotion is probably the best there is. I guess that’s why they call him the king!

Elvis you rock!!!!! I wish I got to play for you.

Here’s my version of Love Me Tender for Today in Music!