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Be My Baby

July 26th 1941 Happy Birthday Darlene Love!

day 111

The first time I saw Darlene Love she was singing in Ellie Greenwich’s LEADER OF THE PACK in the now closed Bottom Line, a great venue on West 4th street in the village. Starring with Darlene was our old friend Pattie Darcy singing her face off. That’s a good thing. But Darlene blew me away.

There is a quality to her voice that cuts right over the other singers and right over a good loud rock band.

We couldn’t use Be My Baby in BEEHIVE but have used it in many of our jukebox shows and it’s always a girl song. I’m not sure if I’ve ever sang this song before, but I liked singing it today. Claudia and I have some original songs I’d love for Darlene to sing.  She is still singing her face off.  That’s a good thing!

Happy Birthday Ms. Darlene Love!!! And I want to wish her a speedy recovery and to get back to the stage real quick!!


Close to You

July 25, 1970, The Carpenters started a four week run at No.1 with Close to You!

day 110

Karen Carpenter had the perfect pop voice for that period of music, and Burt Bacharach and Hal David were the perfect pop songwriters for their time as were Irving Berlin and Gershwin in their time.  When we look back in thirty years, who will we say defined this period of music?

I get that some people don’t like country music or rap or jazz, but damn, I love it all. Everyday I wake up and listen to something different. Yesterday I listened to be-bop in the morning and Disney pop songs all afternoon. This morning I put on some old Sly and the Family Stone singing Que Sera Sera — an old Doris Day song sung in a gospel version, and I’m on my way to the Red Lion to sing from 7-10pm.

I can probably fit in about 40 songs tonite. Once again I have my son Dylan playing bass. We’re going early to celebrate my mother-in law Juliette’s birthday. We were going to take her out to a fancy restaurant but she’s ok hanging out in an Irish bar watching her grandson play bass. She’s cool like that.  My father-in-law, too.

Well, back to Karen Carpenter – nice voice, sad ending. She sounds so good on Close to You.

Wow, I just looked at myself in this picture and thought OMG I’m turning into my dad!  Ha!



California Girls / California Gurls

July 24, 1965 The Beach Boys’ California Girls is released!

california girl

Just so happens Claudia and I are heading to L.A. on Monday.  My fan-tastic friend Elle Winter is doing her Disney NBT thang so we’ll be there to cheer her on.  I’m counting on all of you to vote for her whenever the voting starts — I’ll be sure to remind you!

Hopefully we’ll get to see our west coast friends while we’re there.  I’m not really the L.A. type — I am so New York — but a visit will be fun!

My mother Joan, a true New Yorker, has moved to Berkeley, CA and has become a  California Girl. Gotta love it! My cousins Maureen and Jean and her daughter Megan have been California girls for years and Claudia’s good friend Mandy is out there. Hope to see them all.

This Beach Boy song was the first song I ever learned on guitar but my guitar chops are not doing so well lately.  Hate getting calluses on my fingers — I  know, I’m such a girl — but hey, not a California Girl.

East Coast girls are hip!


Honky Tonk Woman

July 23, 1969 the Rolling Stones were at #1 in the UK with Honky Tonk Woman!

day 108

One of my favorite piano players is Professor Longhair! If you listen to Dr. John play piano you’ll hear the same style.  It comes from New Orleans.

It’s funny I’ve been everywhere but have never made it down there. Claudia went during college. Everyone I know says I should go down and play. Some day…

It’s really hot in the Big Apple today. Just staying in the air conditioning tonight. Claudia and I are gonna catch up on some TV and eat some popcorn. I need to catch up on TRUE BLOOD.  Love it!

And I love the opening song for TRUE BLOOD! It’s a good swamp song. Claudia and I have a couple of those swampy, blues original songs on the record we are working on.  If you’ve been to a Skip Brevis Band show and have heard Sin Sin, you know what I’m talking about.

So, in honor of this hot swampy weather today I’m playing Honky Tonk woman in a good old New Orleans piano style.

All You Need is Love

July 22, 1967 The Beatles’ All You Need is Love is #1 on the UK chart.

day 107

Alrighty then! Another Beatles tune!

We’re in the studio tonight working on original music. Just spent three hours on a mix and Claudia walked in and wants some changes. I hate it when she’s right.

We need to finish soon because Pinkberry closes at 11 p.m. Some people need a cocktail or a beer after a hard day’s work but all I need is a large pomegranate Pinkberry with fruit and nuts on it and I’m happy.

So, all you need is love and Pinkberry.