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If You Don’t Know Me By Now

June 25, 1939 Happy Birthday Harold Melvin!

bbq anyone?

I’m an insane Yankee fan and I share that with my son Dylan. My Dad worked for the Mets – he was an usher behind home plate. Everybody knew him at Shea Stadium. My Dad had his regulars and I remember him bringing home his tips and letting me count them, and I even worked at Shea a couple of summers in high school selling soda. Boy that sucked.

I’d have to scream, “SODA HERE SODA! SODA HERE SODA!” Now that part was kinda cool but the actual getting your tray and keeping track of the money and climbing the stairs in the upper deck — that sucked. Other than a little bartending in college (which is where I met Claudia) I’ve never had any job other than music.  Thank God.  I really have no other skills.

I’m very happy the Yankees beat the Mets last night.  You should hear me and Dylan screaming in the living room. Claudia is always running out and asking what happened because she thinks there might of been an accident or someone died.  She should know by now it’s just the game.

And when she runs out I’ll say “If you don’t know me by now…”

Oh yeah, nice song!  I love singing it on Stinger gigs and even with the Skip Brevis Band.

Nothing Can Change This Love

June 24, 1964 Sam Cooke begins a famous two-week booking at New York’s Copacabana that would come to define the beginning of “supper-club soul.” (via

all good

Today is Claudia’s and my 28th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary my beautiful wife.  I am so lucky to have you in my life.  I have been married (shy of a year) half of my life!

Claudia and I were best friends for years before that one day we both realized that that we were supposed to be together. We each had our own studio apartment on 57th Street.  I was on 8th ave and she was on 3rd ave and we would do that walk back and forth two or three times a day and we realized we should get an apartment together.

Our first apartment was on East 76th Street.  It had a nice big quiet terrace in the back.

Our second apartment was on 77th between York and the river looking into the schoolyard.  Claudia loved that apartment in a landmark building. Very soulful.

Our third apartment was a one bedroom in a high rise on 93rd and 1st ave which is where Casey and Dylan were born. It started getting a little cramped so Claudia walked around the neighborhood looking for a apartment with a backyard and here we’ve been for twenty one years in this apartment, raising our kids,  writing our music, with all our pets —  dogs, cats, iguana, turtles and a hedgehog!

Sorry to be giving you my personal background but if you were here I’d make you all watch all the kids’ birthday videos and then watch our wedding video. You’d probably make an excuse that you had to leave once I started bringing out the family christmas videos but hey that’s the way we roll.

Nothing Can Change this Love – Sam Cooke my idol.

Nothing can change this love, Claudia my wife.

Tracks of My Tears / What a Wonderful World

June 23, 1965: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ The Tracks Of My Tears released.

with the boy

It’s a really great day.  Love having my son Casey home with me at the piano.  And love having my son Dylan right next to me playing bass at this gig out in the Hamptons tonight.

Thinking about all the plays and concerts we went to see the boys in.  From playing trees and elephants in pre-K to meatier roles such as squirrels and ancient egyptians in grade school.  And the concerts – so many of them, years & years worth.  I’m gonna come clean now and admit it.  I slept through all the other kids’ songs.  I apologize to all the parents and I forgive you all for sleeping during my kids’ parts.  I always woke up to cheer my boys on.  We lived for those moments!

I’m the worst at a kid’s concert.  Casey remembers seeing me in the audience with my head in my hands  and Claudia would always tell me not to make faces. It was hard not to.  Thinking about it though, all the kids were great, and even though I might be moaning and groaning and snoring, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it for the world.

Loved Casey singing in his Dad’s wheelhouse this morning.  Smokey Robinson & the Miracles and Sam Cooke.  Casey rocked it!


Me and Bobby McGee

June 22, 1936 Happy Birthday Kris Kristofferson!


Damn it’s hot today – the third day of a heatwave in NYC.

Today I played Me and Bobby McGee, written by the birthday boy Kris Kristofferson & Fred Foster. I’ve played this song a thousand times for countless singers.  It was in our Janis medley in Beehive.  We had so many Janis’s – a very hard role to cast.  I’ve mentioned Laura Theodore before –  she originated our Beehive Janis and was a very tough act to follow!

Anyway, it’s so freakin’ hot.  Especially in our living room which isn’t air conditioned because it’s connected to our back yard and our kind of windows don’t work with air conditioners.  We have tried the stand alone ones but they don’t work.  We have this industrial fan thats great but we can’t keep it on when I’m recording,  so I would get halfway thru the song and my brain would start to melt and I couldn’t remember what song I was singing and it took a long time to get this song done.  Busted flat in Baton Rouge

Casey’s flight is delayed so we’re picking him up at 9 and then it’s off to our JFK chinese buffet dinner. I’m gonna fess up about another tradition.  Whenever I would come back from another city or country I would bring the boys back a present from that region. Sometimes I’d have to get something in the airport but the boys would always look forward to what I brought home.

So once, coming back from a gig in Florida, I got into the house and the boys were waiting and I realized I FORGOT to get them anything.  So quick thinking, I told them I left their present out in the car.  I ran out to the deli and and bought four oranges and told them I’d climbed this great orange tree in Florida and I pick them myself! Two for each of them.

Sorry, guys!

It’s so hot…I’m feeling nearly faded as my jeans.



Love Will Keep Us Together

June 21, 1975, Captain and Tennille started a four week run at #1 with Love Will Keep Us Together!

my secret weapons

Today was cleaning day in the Poconos.  

Casey is arriving tomorrow and will be vacationing with friends at the house! Some people would have hired a cleaning team to come in but we brought in our secret weapons!  The Grandma and the Grandpa. My mother-in-law Juliette is a cleaning machine and my father-in-law Mike is Mr. Fixit and Make-it-Work again.  Thank God because Claudia and I somehow missed those cleaning and fixit genes.

The house is clean, fixed and organized!  Now that’s a good two days on the lake!


Claudia and I can’t wait to see our son Casey tomorrow. We’re gonna pick him up at the airport with my in-laws and Heather my niece — wish Dylan could come but he’s working —  and we are going to do a family tradition. A trip to JFK means a trip to Chinese Buffet!!!!

Love Will Keep Us Together is a good tune…love my family!

I want to give a shout out to my cousin Maureen who’s in the hospital and I hope she feels better.